The Oakland Post 2006-04-05

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


We still like Mike: McGuinness; Miller elected to presidential office ; Committee validates election; declares one candidate invalid ; Out of 17,340 students; 1,234 cast votes: Presidential office ; McGuinness; Miller share vision for student body: I Like Mike McGUINNESS ; DeVos speaks to change with students; community ; Creative juices flow on campus: Professors; students gather to display works of various mediums ; OUSC finishes year; readies for new term ; POLICE FILES ; HE SAID; SHE SAID ; EDITORIAL University policies need restructuring ; Metabolic syndrome may be a 'quiet' killer ; CORRECTIONS CORNER ; State earns failing grade for roads: 25 percent increase in vehicle travel expected ; AFFIRMATIVE ACTION Group marches after appeal plea rejection ; Mixin it up; CELEBRITY NEWS ; Now playing: Music Theatre and Dance ; You know the meaning of heterosexual; homosexual and even metrosexual; but What is an ubersexual? ; Recommended: RESTAURANT REVIEW ; EXPERT ANALYSIS Celebrating your success ; WXOU celebrates its hard-earned success ; STRESS RELIEF TIPS ; 'Rock your Junk' ; Edwards gets drafted ; Soccer standout gets drafted by MISL's Detroit expansion team ; HALL OF FAME ; Grizzlies Sports Roundup: Baseball takes two of three



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