The Oakland Observer 1965-02-05

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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


Rent-a-Cop Defined Finally ; Thru the Back Door ROTC Comes to OU ; Guitar-Opera Performance ; Contuse Who? ; Cut-Rate Flights: Europe Via MSU ; If We Can't Do It Safely In Oakland Where Can We? ; Editorial Money For Fun ; Change Staff Positions; Need Ad Solicitors ; Warpath ; Retraction ; Comment on Issues of Interest to the University Community: Classical Cards? ; Krausmeyer's Alley ; Calendar ; Eve's Opportunities ; Scholarship Comm. Re-Insured ; Dorm Council Acts on Clocks Cloaks Cokes ; MISTAKES ; Poems Cohen I & II ; OU up in Air ; d. downing ; "Shudder" Contest ; Lucubrations ; Nigerian Study Opportunity Seen; Gov't. Subsidizes ; Review Kid Violinist Facile ; Handbook ; Pioneers Crack Wide Range Of Oakland Track Records: Oakland Salvages Basketball In Wayne Sports Day ; Burke - Lessing Help Students With Finals ; Student Spirit Skyrockets With Sunday Skiing ; Standings Stagnate In IM Basketball



Oakland University Police Department, Lopez Ramos, Manuel, 1929-2006, Dormitory Council, Study abroad