The Oakland Post 2018-01-10

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


An early look inside Hillcrest: The newest residence hall takes shape on the south side of campus as the future home of 750 students ; Secret of Sweet. Music Theater and Dance wins award for Marcus production ; Class Philanthropy. Philosophy; criminal justice and graphic design team up ; Konya leaving. Athletic Director steps down from position at OU. Joins Northeastern University ; Looking back: Rats in Vandenberg Hall?: The department of Psychology almost didn't move to Pryale Hall when it came time to find a new home ; Students flex acting muscles with "Martha" ; Sounding Series concert returns ; A Tiny House Project Apprenticeship ; MTD production receives "Sweet" invitation to festival ; Police Files: Month-long feud ; A schedule 2 narcotic; actually ; Community and charity come together ; Imagining Rochester from another country: Strengthening relationships between two Rochesters through a new book ; An inside look at the new Hillcrest Hall ; Sigma Xi ranks third in competition for first time ; 16 Oakland University students competed for their school's chapter ; Political focus: California Marijuana legalization; could Michigan be next? ; "Time's Up": Hollywood creates movement in demand for change ; "Molly's Game" deals a winning hand ; The "CREAM" has risen ; Club figure skating hopes for Nationals ; Jeff Konya leaves Oakland Athletics ; Golden Grizzlies fall to Northern Kentucky Norse ; A letter from your father who's not mad; just disappointed: To be honest; this won't be the last letter I get from my dad ; The perks of being on the road while broke



Hillcrest Hall, Residence halls, Dormitories, Student housing, Tiny house apprenticeship, Student activities, Charity, Honors students, Marijuana