Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, March 17, 2022


A. INFORMATIONAL ITEMS: New Graduate Studies Certificate in Health Equity; New Graduate Certificate in Global and Population Health Service; New Graduate Certificate in Epidemiological Research; Theatre Design and Technology; Combined Mathematics, B.S. to M.A. (4+1); Test Optional Admission; HLC Accreditation; ADA Compliance for University Senate; Ad Hoc Committee for Mental Health; Provost’s Updates | B. ROLL CALL | C. APPROVAL OF THE MINUTES of January 20, 2022 | D. OLD BUSINESS: Change to the Academic Conduct Committee charge and membership (approved) | E. NEW BUSINESS: Change to the General Education Committee charge and membership | F. GOOD AND WELFARE



Health equity, Global and population health service, Epidemiological research, Theatre Design and Technology BFA program, Mathematics, Accreditation, ADA, Mental health, Academic Conduct Committee, General Education Committee