The Oakland Post 1997-12-03

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Competition continues after one month suspension ; INVESTIGATION UPDATE OU delivers disciplinary sanctions ; The rock of many faces ; ARAMARK brings campus spring water ; EVENTS UPDATING OU ; CAMPUS NEWS ; Chinese exposure for OU Exchange program offered ; Curb final exam anxieties ; Be prepared to return home for holiday ; Book Swap to make more money ; OPINION ; EDITOR'S VIEW Big pricetags don't equate to better results ; Letters to the Editor Readers respond to gay rights column: Accepting individuals; not their sinful behaviors ; Catholic alumnus defends statements about church practices ; Christians are supposed to hate the sin; not the sinner ; Letters to the Editor Thomas' friend reflects on the recent tragedy ; Student Program Board criticized for guest lecture appearance by talk show host Jerry Springer ; Editorial sparks vendor's retort ; Spanish department corrects ads ; Drinking and driving column states activities practiced by few ; BOARD OF TRUSTEES: SOME ITEMS ON THE AGENDA FOR THURSDAY DEC. 4 ; FEATURES Finding Hope: AIDS quilt comes to OU to educate ; Students offer helping hand through class ; Accept others as you would like to be accepted ; Students start SADD chapter ; Sure Thing ; OU EVENTS ; MUSIC ; THEATRE ; FILM ; OTHER ; Channel Surfing NBC's 'Players' is a mindless good time ; Getting in the holiday spirit: Students suggest ways to spread spirit ; New gay group on campus ; Sports Pioneer Pete gets sendoff: The search is on for a new athletic mascot ; Men's hoops burn in the Florida sun: Lynn University storms the court in the second half; OU's heatwave comes to an end ; Hunting is a natural part of existence ; "The players are consistantly playing hard; and they have been since Sept. 1. They haven't let up" ; PIONEER INSTANT REPLAY: Fast Stats from Recent Basketball ; Swimming & Diving ; SPORTS CALENDAR ; Basketball defeats its adversaries: The Men's and Women's Basketball teams fend off their competition despite constant travel; practice; and play ; STUDENT REACTIONS VARY REGARDING THE SWIMMING AND DIVING



Men's swimming and diving, International students, AIDS, LGBTQ, Pioneer Pete