The Oakland Post 1997-01-08

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Serving up a new look Fast food opens in eatery ; Customers give approval of new food court area ; Congress passes King resolution ; Campus News Budget fails; allocations too high ; Sorority boyfriend confesses to police ; Speaker stolen from OC during break: CRIME WATCH ; Police make presence in halls to prevent further campus arson ; Support mounts for sign language ; EDITOR'S VIEW OUSC spending without sense ; Opinion ; Letters to the Editor Student feels treated unfairly in meeting with Macauley ; OU Student Liaisons Asking for Input ; Features Working for a living - Odd jobs students encounter to pay high cost of school ; Some events honoring Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. and in celebration of African-American Celebration Month ; OU celebrates King's dream ; Warm weather vacations help thaw winter chill ; OU EVENTS ; MUSIC ; THEATRE ; ART ; MOVIES ; OTHER ; Opportunities available for students studying communication ; CIPO THIS WEEK: CIPO Programs ; Sports Men stunned by Ashland ; Soccer foiled in NCAA final ; INTRAMURAL Notes ; Women fall to Ashland; drop from South lead ; Something strange at The Bubble: Women lose blowout ; Pioneer of the Week ; The Pioneer sports week ; Men win EMU Invitational ; Women second at Invite; Dec. 6-7 ; Basketball team standings



Oakland Center, Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance, American Sign Language, Student activities