The Effect of Sliding Wear on Die Tools and its Prevention

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In this study, the behavior and prevention of sliding wear along with its impact on tool wear is investigated. Sliding wear is one of the dominant types of tool wear which affects the quality of tool performance and results in premature product failure. Understanding sliding wear phenomenon will help minimize the tool wear it causes and thereby improving the quality of the tool and thus the quality of the product. This paper analyzes the studies on sliding wear mechanism and its effect on tool wear, specifically cushion pins and sleeves. Some of the factors affecting sliding wear include mechanical properties, microstructure, as well as lubrication and surface coatings of the material. In terms of sleeves, increasing hardness and toughness of the steel increases wear resistance of the material and reduces wear between the pins and the sleeves. Making appropriate changes to the design of the cushion pins and sleeves as well as changing the materials to increase material hardness increases wear resistance of the pins and sleeves. Adding lubrication and surface coating to the pin material further reduces sliding wear between the pins and the binder.



Sliding wear, Stamping die tools, Tool wear prevention