The Oakland Post 2002-09-11

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


OUPD cracks down on campus traffic ; Going hog wild ; BOT line-up changes ; OC expansion to begin soon ; Assistantship honors late professor ; Congress pushes vote ; Fall blood drive set for October ; New substation to help with power crunch on campus ; Student Program Board: Entertainment; fun are goals of group ; CRIME WATCH ; The end of the world as we knew it?: OU remembers ; Visas delayed; denied ; Routine daily habits challenged ; Society was not really changed by 9-11 ; Editorial: We all need to get informed ; Letters to the Editor ; FEATURED COLUMNISTS OUSC vice president taste tests ; Point-Counter Point: Should Sept. 11 be made a national holiday? Yes ; Generation gap not so wide ; Corrections ; THE EDGE ; ON CAMPUS ; THE LYRIC OF THE WEEK ; Falling into flim: Directors have much in store for audiences this fall; including a debut from Detroit's own; Eminem ; Home Video DVD pens VHS's epitaph ; Embraced by public; industry; new format will replace cassettes ; Music ; Cinema Tap dancing Nazis highlight Brooks' gem ; Editor's Pick: Thomas Video ; Live Jazzanova at the Majestic ; Williams ventures to dark side in 'Photo' ; Student AFFAIRS: UPDATING OU ; Dream Team; USA rudely awakened ; First point of season netted ; Men run way to championship ; Volleyball still looking for first win of season ; OU's athletes; coaches Fan-tastic ; Women tee-off golf season ; Record evens out ; Grizzly Spotlight ; GRIZZLY SPORTS CALENDER ; Festival reinvents sixteenth century: Renaissance hits Michigan with cultural festivities; mirth; magic; royalty



Oakland University Police Department, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Oakland Center, Voting, Blood drives, 9/11