A Formulation on Friction in Forging


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Metal forging is frequently used for the manufacturing and production of parts for many industries. While the process has improved with automated equipment, there are still many unknown factors about the causes of friction in forging dies during the process. Friction is important to account for because the quality of the forged parts depends upon the interaction of the metal and the tool during the forging process. This interaction is subject to the negative effects of friction when there is a lack of compatibility between materials, lubricants, and multiple other factors. In particular, the focus of this research will be to study how friction depends on different conditions in metal forming as an industrial process. An evaluation of the forging conditions’ impact on the coefficient of friction will allow recommendations to be made on how to further improve the forging process to effectively reduce friction and guide future experiments related to the occurrence of friction.



Forging, Cold forging, Friction, Friction during forging, Friction effects on forging, Causes of friction in forging, Forging coefficient of friction