The Oakland Post 1996-11-13

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Committee chair explains closure ; Treatment & Prevention ; New institute to battle trauma ; Congress members petition students: Division I status approval could be put to student vote in January ; Test takers profit front time zones; West coast students get illegal help ; Campus News Parking complaints spark survey ; Open house recruits new students ; International students offer insight ; Aerobics interrupted by indecent exposure: CRIME WATCH ; Semester scholarships awarded to students ; Opposing Viewpoints Arrival of hunting season brings pleasure and distress: Against ; For ; Letters to the Editor GALA officer does not see parallel between chalkings and A Time to Kill ; Openness Taken for Granted ; Thank You to Commercial Participants ; Male Female Ratio Leaves Disadvantage ; New Religious Group Starting on Campus ; Setting it Straight ; Features Seeing isn't always believing - Trompe L'Oeil Art of fooling the eye ; Sorority lends helping hand to needy; less fortunate ; Surviving hardship: Linder; overcomes trials and tribulations of hard life ; Making dream come true on London stage ; Jazz ensembles perform ragtime; rhythm and blues ; Talk shows how far will they or should they go? ; OU EVENTS ; MUSIC ; THEATRE ; OTHER ; ART ; Sports GLIAC title defense begins Saturday ; Pioneers receive NCAA playoff bid ; Fear surfaces as recommendation deadline closes on fact finding group ; Pioneer of the Week: The Pioneer sports week ; Parsons loves coaching; soccer ; Pioneers face Northwomen in tournament ; Karapetian; Collins earn three wins last weekend ; Pioneer weekly sports standings ; Sports in brief: 1996 Soccer All-America Teams



Open Meetings Act, Trauma, Parking, International students, Greek letter societies, Charity