The Oakland Post 1992-10-14

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Positive Forces of Change continues ; Election Forum ; Wednesday film series ; Brown Bag series ; Japan's view of the U.S. ; MSU trip for Bush ; Grad exams discussed ; New OUSC members ; Activist award ; Board of Trustees dispute continues Chunovich says partisan politics are dividing the Board ; Giving it up ; Affirmative action goals not met; but successful ; Congress questioned on vote for funding ; OU needs vision; says business professor ; Congress responds to Post story ; Know the candidate's educational stand ; Ross Perot ; CRIMEWATCH ; Corrections ; OUR VIEW Politics enters Board's agenda ; ANOTHER VIEW Give Bush four more years ; Opinion ; Nature; humankind not separate ; A VIEW POINT ; Perot deserves to be forgiven ; Forensics shouldn't get money ; Calendar THEATER ; ART ; CONCERTS ; EVENTS ; Excursions: Paintball; a new definition of fun ; Controversial play may offend ; Opening of cider mill marks fall's arrival ; Latest Releases: Degrading lyrics simply annoying ; Pulitzer winner shares secrets ; Handicapper Awareness Week brings attention ; Part-time preacher makes his presence known ; Features President Packard; Don't forget about the liberal arts ; Freshman 15 takes over: Popular myth strikes fear of weight gain ; Professor skips OU for Moscow ; Abundance of bargains found at OU garage sale ; Sports: Tankers contend for fourth title ; Athletic department prepares for budget cut ; Harriers falter in face of tough competition ; Spikers motor past Michigan Tech; stall at NMU ; Pioneer golfers swing toward spring ; Nationally 10th ranked Pioneers steal Central Region Classic tourney



Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Affirmative action, Oakland University. Student Congress, Budgets, Handicapped accessibility, Terkel, Studs, 1912-2008