The Oakland Post 2011-11-02

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Debate Coverage: Student struggles, possible parking problems ; Board of Trustees approves schematics for new engineering center ; this week ; No sense in new building: BOT passes plan for new $74.5 million engineering center ; Letters to the Editor ; Auburn Hills passes housing option ; Discussion panel teaches students debate coverage ; campus briefs ; Economic issues forum ; By the numbers ; Board of Trustees ; Engineering center; union contracts approved ; 12B launches student businesses ; Former English professor publishes new book ; Police Files: Robbery near the OC ; Debate to close campus parking lots ; Q and A with President Russi ; Focus on the debate: Student profile ; Campus leader and autoworker zeroes in on jobs; the economy ; Volleyball team sweeps weekend ; Even with postseason success; Tigers have holes ; Women's basketball team wins exhibition game ; Occupy Detroit in third week ; Kid Rock announces tour to benefit charity ; Fill in the blank squares so that each row; each column and each 3-by-3 block contain all digits 1 through 9 ; Meet the GOP stand-ins ; Halloween is new experience for some: International students encounter cultural differences ; Students learn sign language through new club ; Music made by Golden Grizzlies: The HOT PANTS ; Exotic ensembles form a night of World Music ; Addiction starts at $60 per disc



Engineering Center, Student housing, Republican Presidential debate