Disability Representation in Children’s Books

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This project has explored storytelling through the works of a creative visual project. It is used and developed in order to answer the question of how one could write and create a children’s book that accurately focuses on the topic of children with disabilities. This creative project explored several different areas that included visual elements such as world-building, character design, all with the support of storytelling. An important factor that was considered through the process of this project was avoiding harmful stereotypes that can be found in books on this topic. The hope for this project now that it is completed is that children will be able to see themselves accurately represented in a book designed specifically for them. The focus of the story in this project was creating an accurate tale of a child with disabilities that does not fall into harmful tropes and to properly educate other children while entertaining them. The most important goal was to have created a piece of literature that is both visually appealing as well as sensitive to the topics at hand in support of the intended audience.



Graphic design, Creative project, Disabilities, Disability literature, Illustrative childrens book