The Oakland Post 1988-06-13

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


It's all over ; University holds out for more money: Squirrel Road negotiations stall ; NEWS BRIEFS President approved ; Contract talks begin ; Illegal dumping poses problem ; Lions return to camp ; Forensics team talks way to national top ten ; Face lift ; Tournament draws golf diehards ; Summer roadwork begins ; Residence halls employee receives national award ; Corrections ; Fathers must expand roles ; Superemployee strikes again ; Letters to the Editor Open mind important in Mid-East debate ; Commuters busy; not apathetic ; Center; student don't see eye-to-eye ; BLOOM COUNTY ; Music festival celebrates 25 years with DSO: Young musicians work with Herbig ; Meadow Brook expands format ; Summer health tips ; University officials are fathers; too ; Friendships blossom in summer dorm life ; Summertime means more than sun ; Showtime falls flat ;I must be thinking ; Woof; where's my steak? ; Chatting with Chuck ; Forget about the series ; Beam me up; Spock ; Pinchoff awarded second coach-of-year title ; Golf team gets 3rd-place finish ; 7 fencers to face Olympic-type foes in Chicago tournament ; Baseball team finishes season; 13-23 record better than last year



Illegal dumping, Negotiations, Detroit Lions, Forensics, Miller, Jean Ann, Meadow Brook Music Festival, Detroit Symphony Orchestra, Pinchoff, Jim, Men's tennis