The Oakland Post 1997-10-15



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Board to implement future strategies: Task forces create OU's future path ; Photo IDs ready by spring for students ; Results are in; faculty votes yes ; Campus News Fast Facts ; CRIME WATCH Computer Stolen ; Married housing offers choices ; Fellows Program to train administrators ; Building the new OU ; Congress discusses OC renovations progress ; EDITOR'S VIEW Close call sends university strong message about relations ; OPINION ; Letters to the Editor Student offended by 'Post' reporting of CSC incident ; Domestic Violence not Gender Related ; Faculty Viewed as Nonessential ; FEATURES Flying HIGH: Ace pilot talks about his record-breaking trip ; Use smarts when repairing your car ; New organization tells OU to relax ; OU EVENTS ; MUSIC ; THEATRE ; FILM ; OTHER ; Conference promises to bring direction; help ; OU helps support needy ; An international celebration ; ISO serves up tasty food to meager crowd ; THE REEL DEAL ; "RocketMan" delivers laughs to all ages ; Sports Bartles leads OU to victory: Pioneers hold off Rochester and Saginaw Valley ; U-M paves road in ethics; morals ; Road finally takes toll on volleyball ; PIONEER INSIDE TRACK Golf ; SPORTS CALENDAR ; Soccer brings GU back to reality ; Cross Country striving for peak performance ; Profiling the Black; Gold and White: Jessica Meadows Volleyball ; Leanne McCarty Tennis ; Pioneer lacrosse sends MSU packing ; Wings breed tradition like Pioneers will in D-1 ; Tennis hits Hillsdale roadblock



Strategic planning, Union contracts, Faculty, Married students, Housing, Construction, Stress, Writers' conference, International students