The Oakland Post 1998-02-04

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


CAMPUS ATTACK ; USEFUL RESOURCES ; WINNING GAME ; Qualified instructors head the class: Unlike other colleges; OU features fewer instructors of record ; Arousing. Art ; Personality type influences writing style; OU professors point out to colleagues ; Russi delivers college progress ; CAMPUS NEWS CRIME WATCH ; Congress allocations under fire ; CSC reported in Hamlin ; Campus lab pulls in techno gurus: Computer services provide more cyberwaves for students ; Dynamic mayor to speak at celebration ; Diversity is the future of a melting pot ; Influenza preys during winter ; Campus Voice Faculty speak out on media coverage ; Student Affairs: EVENTS ; EDITOR'S VIEW Commitments to diversity take more than a month ; Opinion ; Letters to the Editor Student blames university for lack of involvement ; Staff member extends thank you to Post; campus community ; Alumnus congratulates Post on-line ; A series dedicated to helping students find a career after graduation ; We're in this together; whether we like it or not ; OU EVENTS ; MUSIC ; THEATRE ; OTHER ; Musical mystery raises funds ; Treats for all senses: African-American month celebrated by arts; crafts; and unusual collection of food ; Calling all wannabe Sapphos; Shelleys ; MTD; Disney looking for performers ; MTD ; Disney Co. ; THE REEL DEAL Life preserver could not save 'Deep Rising' ; SPORTS Back on the not-so-beaten path: After three straight losses; women's hoops win two in a row; memories of their untouchable status earlier in the season are coming back ; That's all folks: the show's closed ; Last Saturday's Swimming and Diving was the last damp action ever for Lepley; the pool had to settle for a goodbye loss ; Diversity in sports still has that gray area ; PIONEER INSTANT REPLAY ; SPORTS CALENDAR ; WNBA nurtures childhood dreams ; Men's hoops lose one; gain two this week ; Spotlight on the Black & Gold: ULRIKA NILSSON WOMEN's BASKETBALL



Literacy, Horning, Alice, Sudol, Ronald, Progress, Writing, Academic computing, Oakland University. Student Congress, Budgets, Archer, Dennis, Influenza, Careers, Job placement, African-American culture, Lepley Sports Center, Women's National Basketball Association, Detroit Shock