Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, February 20, 2014

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Information Items: Agreement with the Association for Interdisciplinary Studies; Modifications to the Master of Arts in Mathematics, Master of Science in Industrial Applied Mathematics, and the Master of Science in Applied Statistics; Modifications to the Ph.D. in Applied Mathematical Sciences; Modifications to the Ph.D. in Health and Environmental Chemistry; Modifications to the Ph.D. in Medical Physics; Branding Oakland University | Provost’s Updates | Old Business: Motion from Steering committee to revise the charge for the Senate Planning Review Committee | New Business: Motion from UCUI and Graduate Council to approve a revised credit hour policy; Motion from the Steering Committee to adopt the Guidelines for Senate Action Items; Motion from Graduate Council to approve a revised grading policy for the School of Medicine; Procedural Motion to staff Senate Standing Committees



Senate committees, Credit evaluation, School of Medicine grades, Senate rules of operation, Branding