The Oakland Post 2005-09-28

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Gay couples win battle in Ml: Judge rules gay couples can receive health insurance benefits ; Students join the fight against hate ; State chief justice translates the limits of law ; Katrina's stirs nation ; AMU will lobby state for increased funding ; SPIN connection lost ; Students take cover from rain ; POLICE FILES ; OUSC pleased by outcome of AMU and Anti-Hate week ; Good cause leads to good times ; WXOU's back ; UP AND COMING ; Sticky situation raises money for Relay for Life team ; New majors attract students to SECS ; OU student treks down Detroit ; Oakland County gets 2-1-1 to access health services ; EDITORIAL OU professors need a lesson on integrity ; "Piling On" By Mike Lester ; STAFF COLUMN It's not fair to brand him as a cop killer ; STAFF COLUMN It's about time a newsroom welcomes both political sides ; THE WAR: Experts rebut anti-war protests ; Thousands protest the war; hundreds rally in support ; Senate debates Supreme Court's next nominee ; NATION ; WORLD ; Comedy comes to campus ; Students jam with poetry ; See Disney without leaving the state ; 'Night Stalker' leads the pack of mystical copycats ; Artist displays unique pieces ; Redwalls revisit the '60s with 'De Nova' ; Life is full of dunces ; How to prep for this fall's Career Fair ; Credit 101: Expert gives tips on choosing the right credit program ; Prevention is key for cold; flu season ; Checkup Checklist: Time for your annual physical? The Michigan Department of Community Health suggests talking to a doctor about ; Michigan outlasts OU in rainy match ; SPORTS SHORTS ; Making Swaves



LGBT+, Environment, Oakland University. Student Organizations. WXOU, Oakland University. School of Engineering and Computer Science, New degree programs, Poetry, Oakland University Art Gallery, Careers, Health, LGBT+, Hurricane Katrina, Oakland University. Student Organizations. WXOU, New degree programs, Oakland University. School of Engineering and Computer Science, Health care, Anti-war movements, Poetry, Oakland University Art Gallery, Influenza