Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, April 20, 2017

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A. Informational Items: Program Modifications approved by Graduate Council; Program Modifications approved by the University Committee on Undergraduate Instruction; Fall 2017 Classroom Scheduling; Barnes and Noble – Loud Cloud and other Updates; School of Health Sciences Department Names and Vision; Provost’s Updates | B. Roll Call | C. Approval of the minutes of March 16, 2017 | D. Old Business: Bachelor of Music in Piano Pedagogy and Bachelor of Music in Piano Performance and Pedagogy (2nd reading); Bachelor of Arts in Dance Education and Bachelor of Fine Arts in Dance Education and Performance (2nd reading) | E. New Business: modification of the Master of Science in Systems Engineering to shift administrative responsibility to the Department of Industrial and System Engineering and change the course requirements (1st reading; 2nd reading waived); changes to the Oakland University Policy regarding the acceptance of the College Level Examination Program (CLEP) credits (1st reading; 2nd reading waived); new hiring policy (1st reading; 2nd reading waived); Academic Computing Committee change of membership to include a representative from Technical Services and Classroom Support (1st reading); Procedural Motion to staff Senate Standing Committees | F. Good and Welfare



Piano Pedagogy BA, Piano Performance and Pedagogy BFA, Dance Education and Performance BFA, Dance Education BA, Systems Engineering, Industrial and Systems Engineering Department, CLEP, Hiring policy