The Oakland Post 2011-06-15

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Next Step: NBA ; Keith Benson to become Oakland's first NBA draft pick ; this month ; STAFF EDITORIAL What are we paying for? ; Tough requirements make OU stronger ; Lady Gaga pushes ethical boundaries; mimics Madonna ; Tuition increase approved: Reduced state funding spurs 7 percent hike for OU students ; OU professor pleads no contest in Monday trial ; Robotics team takes home 3rd at IGVC ; Campus tragedy inspires fund for awareness ; Career services assists in job search ; Campus Briefs: OU PostSecret ; OrgSync allows club connection off campus ; Siblings race to prelims ; More money; many more problems ; NBA draft next for OU's Benson ; Oakland center looks to impress; make impact at the next level ; CAREER AWARDS ; CAREER STATS ; Buy Michigan; buy local ; police blotter: Smoking ban violation ; Cash-only causes concern ; More city restaurants eliminate credit cards ; NEWS BRIEFS ; Students don't know much about US history Associated Press Report ; Children with cancer have new hope ; Agape provides students a welcoming faith community ; Dean Mcintosh: On call 24-7 ; OU student creates quickly-growing sports website ; Aid available for veterans at OU ; Student DJ among first to take dubstep to airwaves ; Captivating audiences: Indie-rockers The Maine; Augustana ignite Clutch Cargos ; records & reels ; FOSTER THE PEOPLE - "Torches" ; Creating the new Hollywood ; Student organization begins to mold the future of cinema ; Not your average Oscar Mayer weiner: Representative Weiner in the spotlight



Benson, Keith, Tuition, Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition, Suicide, Oakland University. Career Services, Campus Ministry, McIntosh, Glenn, Veterans