The Oakland Post 1989-01-30

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


MCC extension site may cause OU enrollment decrease; officials say ; History professor dies of heart attack ; Congress: Lake' s name stays same ; President orders university-wide $1 million cuts ; Making racquet ; Students forewarned about library's book move ; News Briefs Sentencing imposed for candy crime ; Trial date set for assault case ; Award deadline in near future ; Culture in the making ; Author claims professors ruined higher education ; Budget cuts hurt academics ; BLOOM COUNTY ; Palestinians; Israelis must work together ; Letters to the Editor Tart picture inoffensive to women ; Reagan era good one for U.S. ; Interaction only way to unity ; In a class of their own: Students discuss being a faculty member's child ; Drawing apart ; Other cultures ; More participation ; Month's events to hopefully bridge gap; sponsor says ; Actors only fireworks in otherwise dull play ; Fifth of July ; Liasions dangerously perfect movie ; White snow; dismal days bring blue moods ; How to spot a jock ; Pioneers take GLIAC lead with UP wins ; Lighten up; babe ; Mcllquham takes 200 IM as swimmers win ; Cagers do the splits in UP ; NCAA proposal won't affect OU ; Women tankers take Kenyon easily ; OU athlete of the week



Macomb Community College, Enrollment, Budget cuts, Tripp, Anne, Kresge Library, Construction, Condic, Eric, Sykes, Charles, Stamps, Richard B., Parents, Black Awareness Month, Men's swimming and diving