The Oakland Post 2016-09-21

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Active Grizzly. Earn rewards for getting involved ; Homecoming. Calendar of sports and entertainment events ; New Beginnings. Meet the latest swim team recruits ; Run Grizzlies Run: Student org spotlight of the week: Running club ; Looking back: The history of Bear Lake: Campus "water wonderland" ; Orgs want active grizzlies ; Career Services now offering tips and a better Handshake ; Student Org Spotlight: Running Club ; National Coney dogs heading to town ; SPB presents Toga at the Tower event: Students; alumni are invited to homecoming event featuring food; music; dancing; other entertainment ; The Drug-Free Schools Workplace Guide for Oakland University Employees and Students ; Suicide prevention walk to raise money; awareness ; Obstacle course gym to provide new way to work out ; Microsoft claims humans have worse attention span than goldfish ; Drew's Review: Top ten hip-hop; rap albums of 2016 ; Police Files: Vodka; wine and brandy; oh my! ; What's that smell ; Gary Johnson speaks to the Detroit Economic Club: Libertarian presidential nominee describes platform and policies during Q&A session ; A Closer Look: To have serious conversations about campus assault; we have to abandon bad data ; Political Focus: Gun violence: Presidential candidates strategize about the dangers of firearms ; Bowman brothers redshirting: Cross country duo taking season for development ; Former Oakland star Nash joins professional team ; Women's soccer starts league play with win: Oakland splits games; beats Youngstown; loses to CMU ; Men's soccer building Horizon League record: Oakland splits a pair of home games; continues undefeated in conference ; Swimming legacies join Golden Grizzly family



Beer Lake, Bear Lake, Oakland University. Career Services, Suicide