Inside Oakland: February 1996

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Oakland University


Oakland University leads North American Effort for instituting an innovative early education math program ; Flame Wars: In the third President's Colloquium Series lecture, Associate Professor Brian Connery shows that the Internet is a postmodern extension of coffee-house culture in 17th and 18th-century London and speculates about the future of the Internet as a space for public discussion ; Committee to draft application for accepting charter school proposals ; Lowry Center may add charter school ; Undergraduate research presented at Meeting of the Minds IV ; 'Game plan' scores big for new Recreation and Athletic Center ; Master's degree in Engineering Management offered in Austria ; Office of Handicapped and International Student Services splits into Office of Disability Support Services and Office of International Students ; Winter student enrollment up almost 7 percent ; Supplement: Taking the Initiative: Oakland researchers study DNA changes due to ionizing radiation ; Math and Journalism team up to share computer resources ; Faculty mentors aid SBA retention effort




Mathematics, Children, President's Colloquium series, Charter schools, Oakland Athletic Center, Enrollment, Medical research, Student retention