The Oakland Observer 1967-11-10



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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


1876 Vote: Choose Books ; "Christie Capers" Start Saturday ; Kerr Calls Today's Youth A Condemned Generation ; Student Power Pondered Leaders Retreat ; Hearing Held On Recruiters ; The Oakland Observer Editorials: New Government Proposed ; DAVID BLACK From the Orient ; The Next Small College at Oakland? ; Letters to the Editor: Innuendos Seek Character Assasination ; Fact - Opinion Blend ; Observer Partial? ; MORE COMMENT: VW Brawn Shown ; Off Campus in Red ; Further VW Debate ; Degeneration Is Generating Big Excitement In Europe ; 'Chinese' Ambassador Speaker at GOP Sponsored Conference on Vietnam War; Students Protest Governmental Policies ; 'Art of the Film' Teaches Appreciation ; Bus Service In Future? Committee Probes Issue ; Father Of Tuition Plan Interviewed Trustee Talks To Observer ; Paul Lee's Long Climb To The Top ; Cocky Cockney Scores In Theatre's 'Stop The World' ; VB Sixth Wins "A" Football Title ; Putnam Bids To Become The 1st OU All-American ; Urban Forum ; Oakland Beats Albion Wins 5th Game Of Year ; Hockey League Starts At Eaton ; Jeffrey Siegal To Hold Recital ; Dove Speaks ; Students Library Committee Provides Tangent From Study ; Snozzes Unlimited ; Notices



Military recruiting, Leadership, Vietnam War, Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences. Academy of Dramatic Art, Student Library Committee