The Oakland Post 1993-02-17

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Fischer nets position ; Hall of honor inductees ; VP searches continue ; Dates to remember ; Brightway plans to be presented to Packard ; Pigeons poised for a poisoning ; Post owners delay legal action against OU's board ; Hill slated for conversion ; CRIME WATCH ; NATIONAL DIGEST ; Newspaper stops naming rape victims: Campus Spotlight ; Winter wonderland ; Congress supports GALA petition for equality ; Non-traditional students mobilize at OU ; OU cockroach population reduced: New extermination management program takes effect ; OUR VIEW No more excuses: Time to answer calls for openness ; WOUX responsive to students' needs ; Earned income credit can help at tax time for working poor ; Soldier says no to military gays ; Fun in the sun provides an escape ; Policy may soon go up in SMOKE: Campus-wide ban on smoking raises questions ; GALA seeks awareness; anonymity ; Mentor program provides glimpse of college life ; Sports Seeking afterlife ; OU on a rollercoaster ride to top ; Still a pulse!: Eller and Kann attempt to revive fading Pioneers ; Boyd proves to be big fish in big pond ; Tankers tune up for GLIAC



Brightway path, Residence halls, Smoking policy, LGBTQ, Mentoring