The Oakland Post 2007-09-12

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dc.description.abstractOU's Greek Squad: dumping the stereotypes on greek life ; THIS WEEK 09.1 2.07 ; STAFF EDITORIAL Put parking problems in perspective ; Failure in Iraq outweighs Petraeus' measure of success ; Greek life supports members and community ; Switch to Moodle finalized: New programs allow more e-Learning ; New dean focuses on the future: College of Arts and sciences to get a more global perspective ; INSPIRING GRIZZ PRIDE ; POLICE FILES ; OU INC offers business aid to university; city ; Engineering biology new major: ou is third in state to offer program ; OU welcomes new mascot; celebrates 50 years ; Show off your scruff: Trends in male facial hair beyond the 24-hour stubble ; Don't let acne get you down: Learn haw to deal with and control embarrassing adult acne ; How do you help save the Earth? ; THE OLD COLLEGE TRY: One student's attempt to play ball for the Golden Grizzlies ; Volleyball sets win record: Grizzlies sweep opposition in tournament ; The Oregon Trail: Oakland prepares for tournament out West ; TSL LEADERBOARD: MEN'S SOCCER GOAL LEADERS ; Women's soccer split in the Dakotas ; Bounty Hunting Paradise ; 3-in-l Hit for Pontiac ; Faculty art at MONA ; Battling it Out ; SHOWS WORTH SHOWING UP FOR ; Stevie Wonder ; "A WONDER SUMMER NIGHT" COMES TO MEADOW BROOK ; Shipwreck discovered in Lake Superior ; Reasons for the mysterious sinking of the Cyprus explained ; Locally grown produce an accessible way to eat healthy: Thriving produce tents and farmers markets continue to expand throughout Michigan ; Historical museum honors Detroit sports ; Art and Apples wraps up its 42nd year: Festival focuses on artwork from a large number of artists ; Conspiracy theories: making (non)sense of it all ; Liberal Ann Arbor disappoints: The mighty Wolverines are like feudal lords toppled by the peasant class of college football ; Administration reacts to new bin Laden tape ; Bush to support troop reduction ; Spring Fashion Showcase takes center-stage in New York ; Neurosurgeon: NFL player may walk againen_US
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dc.titleThe Oakland Post 2007-09-12


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