Minutes of the Meeting of the University Senate, February 13, 2003



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Budget report-Mr. Russi. Cooley Law School-update. Athletics-update-facilities improvement. General Education-update. General Management, Post-masters Graduate Certificate Program. Orthopedics, Graduate Certificate Program. Neurological Rehabilitation, Graduate Certificate Program. Teaching and Learning for Rehabilitation Professionals, Graduate Certificate program. Nursing Education,-Graduate Certificate Program. Graduate Certificate Programs. Vision Statement. 2d reading. Approved. Oakland University Vision Statement. 2d reading Approved. Academic Standing and Honors Committee-membership change. Approved. Cooley Law School-motion to support a partnership with OU. Approved. Board of Trustees-Resolution requesting open meetings. Approved. Open Meetings-resolution requesting the Board of Trustees to hold open meetings. Approved.


Agenda and Minutes of the February 13, 2003 Meeting of the University Senate


Budget report, Cooley Law School, Athletics facilities, General education, General Management, Orthopedics Graduate Certificate program, Neurological Rehabilitation Graduate Certificate program, Teaching and Learning for Rehabilitation Professionals Graduate Certificate program, Nursing Education Graduate Certificate program, Graduate certificate programs, Vision statements, Oakland University. Senate. Academic Standing and Honors Committee, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Open meetings, Post-masters Graduate Certificate program