The Oakland Post 2007-06-13



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Operation: Wellness ; THIS MONTH ; EDITORIAL Filmmaker Moore might finally have everyone in agreement; health care reform is a must ; At least some people were pleased with the Sopranos finale ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ; Pot smoke clouds public perception ; Capitol welcomes OUSC ; Summer celebration in the works at OU ; Robot combat: Students compete in Intelligent Ground Vehicle Competition ; SPIN takes root on campus ; POLICE FILES ; Introducing OU's student liaisons: OU Board of Trustees names student liaisons ; Bikers take on 'cause for others' ; Spa's massages help with stress ; Program examines segregation problem ; Pounding the pavement ; Stay stress free ; JUST INcredible!!!: 12 strikeouts; 100 m.p.h. heat and wicked curve balls nab no-hitter for Verlander ; JOCK JAMES: Golden Grizzlies share the tunes that keep them pumped ; Don't be on the DL: OU trainer John Ciecko discusses haw to avoid common sports injuries ; Sweet Success?: SPORTS RANT ; New face; new place ; Roulter joins coaching staff ; OU player drafted: But what are his chances in MLB? ; Tee up at OU this summer ; Make meditation your mantra ; Good health requires maintenance: Knowing when and how often to see your doctor is key to staying healthy and not going broke ; OU students surveyed about religion and health: Most say faith in a higher power helps them feel better emotionally and physically ; What you do between weekends: The ever changing approach to the working world gets its own guidebook ; Hostel 2: rethinking your Eurotrip? ; Lifetime Fitness ; BIG GYMS; small prices ; Everything you wanted to know about Akashic Fields but were afraid to ask ; Tastes like [soy] chicken: Local restaurant serves up delicious vegetarian dishes ; 'If you don't laugh; you die' ; Before poppin' the prescription pills; try a dose of laughter ; God didn't create Rambo; HGH did ; Stallone using HGH to bulk up reflects society's dependence on the 'quick fix' when it comes to health ; A brighter shade of teal: Bear Lake sparkles with an unusually blue tone



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