The Oakland Post 2004-10-27

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


War is 'good copy' for media industry ; Writers take the stage for charity ; Despite reports; sex is safe in Detroit ; WEEKEND OUTLOOK ; Proposal talks still dragging ; Political science prof retires after 44 years ; Panel discusses economy ; Election 2004 WRAP ; Students geared up; ready to vote ; Britons want say in U.S. elections: Citizens of America's closest ally and partner in the war against Iraq voice their opinions about the election ; America's domestic policy - the past four years ; VOTE 2004 ; Bush; Kerry battle for MI ; Prop. 1; 2: What they say & mean ; Proposal 1 The language ; Voting 101 ; Know your voting machine ; The power of silence ; POST STAFF VIEW ; Election 2004 Special: Students make a case for each presidential candidate ; NADER ; BUSH ; KERRY ; EDITORIAL Young voters could influence election ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR ; Local haunts dress to chill ; 'Singled Out' casts double win ; Sorority aims to help community ; Dance moves: Drama and comedy will be part of the EDE dance program Saturday ; Have a 'toasty' breakfast ; Horribly funny: Between humor and gore; 'The Grudge' seems to suffer from an identity crisis ; Creating the perfect pumpkin ; THE LOW DOWN ; HOROSCOPES ; Crossword ; OU shuts out UMKC ; Dreams do come true ; Tourney hopes still alive ; Title defense to begin ; Volleyball snaps losing streak ; Post Fantasy Studs ; Golf teams defeat Titans in match play ; OU Club Hockey



Appleton, Sheldon, Elections, Greek letter societies