The Oakland Observer 1968-10-18

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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


Speaker Hilsman Offers Plan for Peace ; BLACK UNITY DAY at OU ; YEAR OF THE HEROIC TIGER: Tigers Prevent Hilsman Arrival ; Draft File Burns ; ROTC Office Set Afire ; OU Grows; Funding Lags ; Financial Support ; The SAB: Future Student Government? ; HUAC - Demonstration Leaders Clash ; South Viet Leader Asks For Peace ; Political Newsletter ; Guerrilla Theatre Group Assaults Detroit ; Noted Woman Novelist To Speak At OU ; The Shape of Seen ; "Electric Lady Land" ; Music Recital ; Coalition Works For Change ; Annual Road Rallye ; WILL SAB CONTROL OBSERVER? ; CRIME ; Anti-Demonstration Rulings Bind Students ; "Peace Poverty and Racism" ; Speaker on "Danger Spots" ; the word and the Word and all the words ; UNIVERSITY SENATE REPORT: Campus Unrest Discussed ; Student Shows Vietnam Spending Hurts Education ; LETTERS: STORY BEHIND DECEMBER DRAFT ; "Cellar" Say Food Lousy ; Letter Answered ; Pioneers Outrun Wayne State ; Soccer Team Swamps Mac ; Sailing Course Offered To Oakland Community ; Flying Bombers



Student Activities Board, Nin, Anais, Crime, POEAT, Oakland University. Senate, Elbinger, Lee