Focus: Oakland 1974-09-11

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The Oakland Sail, Inc.


Faces Threat Of Impeachment Congress President Fires Aides ; Focus s Guide To OU Community ; Inside ; Editorial: We're Back In Business ; The Ka-Zoo Report Financial Aid Hassles Ruin School Year ; Focus's Guide To The OU Community: Where To Go For Decent Drinks ; SEMTA Adds OU Service ; Cheapie Restaurants Around OU ; Focus Presents: Your Very Own Red Tape Unsnarling Manual ; Just What Has University Congress Done? ; Assorted Diversions To Pick Up On ; How To Get More Out Of Text books ; And Eat It Too ; Student Orgs - Something For Everybody ; Dean Woodard Quits ; COMICS ; Oakland Celebrates 15th Birthday ; SKI CLUB ; Sports OUtlook 1974-75 ; Athletic Facilities For All Students ; Soccer Team Hosts Calvin On Saturday ; Intramural Sports Program Expands ; Intramural Sports Schedule ; Beating Those Lonely Freshman Blues ; Public Safety - Services Building Started For Fall '75 ; NEW LOGO



Oakland University. Student Congress, Campus development