The Oakland Post 2010-07-14



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


CENTER FEATURE ; THIS MONTH: Perspectives ; STAFF EDITORIAL Internships should be free - literally ; THE MATCHING SOCKS ; It's easy to point fingers at the news media: But maybe those fingers should point back on ourselves ON SECOND THOUGHT ; Concours returns to MBH: 32nd annual exhibition hopes to breathe new life into Detroit ; Fialka-Feldman team to be reimbursed ; POLICE FILES: Larceny ; Student voices join BOT ; OUSC begins outdoor plans ; Folk dance arrives at OU ; Campus Briefs: Role play therapy course offered through OU ; New textbook law works to help students save money ; Lights; camera; Michigan ; TEARING DOWN THE HOUSE: Varner House 'razes' its roof despite effort to save It ; History of the House ; Student volunteers in Haiti ; Wrestling program to expand ; Incoming recruits making early impressions ; Silverdome prepares to shine again ; Pressure on Tigers to avoid another collapse ; Bands to hit Royal Oak: Underoath and The Cool Tour make their way to heal music venue ; Tecumseh is home of the free fall ; TOM PETTY mojo music spotlight ; Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers. Mojo ; The Pinball Expo ; Rolls Into ; Gulf waits to see if BP cap will hold ; Senate has votes to pass Wall Street overhaul ; Steinbrenner dies; big loss for NYC ; The sun: Life-bringer or homicidal jerk? ; Rory McCarty: The next guber of Michigan; vote Rory in 2010



Varner Hall, Concours d'Elegance, Folk dance club, Student volunteers, Pontiac Silverdome