The Oakland Post 1995-02-22

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Search candidates chosen ; Constituencies submit search choices; trustees will sculpt committee ; The verdict in Oakland loses law school to MSU ; Kim Knight and Carrie Bater won't be headed to the citrus state next week ; O'Dowd Hall air quality whispered as cause of cancer ; Touch-tone registration promised ; Congress finds mistake; $9,000 in missing funds ; Banquet celebrates Black History ; Campus News Student Congress Students announce candidacy ; CRIME WATCH ; Dismissal sought in Chaudhry suit ; Opinion ; EDITOR'S VIEW Students deserve pool of candidates ; Letters to the Editor Students should feel privileged; most libraries ban eating; drinking ; Features Spring break '95: This year's who; what and where as students live it up; both on the beaches and at home ; Facing the cold to tiling on the heat ; Alternative alternatives ; The bunch is back ; Hail to the chief and whoever follows ; CIPO This Week! ; Sports Pioneer of the Week ; Pioneer Dirt Box ; This Week in Pioneer Sports ; Bateman revives playoff hopes ; Offense 'bolts'Pioneers past Tartars and Lakers ; Tankers take sixth GLIAC title in seven years



Registration, Presidential searches, Oakland University. Office of Environmental Health and Safety, O'Dowd Hall, Oakland University. Student Congress, Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance, Chaudhry, Ghulam Rasul, 1931-, Spring break, Spring break, Women's swimming and diving, Regional championships