The Oakland Post 2004-09-08

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


OU abides by state's mandate ; Construction season begins ; Wrath of Frances ; Panhandle throttled ; Grizzlies split weekend with pair of 2-1 games ; WEEKEND OUTLOOK ; BOT. names new leader ; Services close: No more quick calls; "Copy Stops" before class ; First week's turnout higher than expected ; Students Welcomed Back: New Student Convocation ; OUSC President's Recipe for Success ; Welcome Week Highlights ; Police Beat ; In Short GM Donates to OU ; Big bucket may be history ; Global Glance: Clinton recovering ; Global goof ; Michigan's Medieval Magic: Pirates; peasants; gypsies and royalty fill the dirt paths as people come from across the state to travel ; Set a life saving record ; EDITORIALS Save lives by giving blood ; EDITOR'S NOTE Restating our commitment to community ; POINT - COUNTER POINT Should musicians be part of Vote for Change effort? ; Norah 'Feels Like Home' at MBMF: The artist is performing her only Detroit concert tonight ; Opinion Genius could shine ; 'Without a Paddle' is still afloat ; Forte's forte is superb service ; THE LOW DOWN ; 15th 'Real World' to take place in Philly ; Crossword ; Who is who in Philly ; OU splits two at Classic ; ESPN-25: Best and Worst ; Redshirts win Open



Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Welcome Week