Domestified Angst : Second Recording



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Oakland University


Excerpt from essay by Dick Goody: To say that Johnson’s identity is wrapped up in himself, that is, in his image, is an idiotic aphorism. Yet, the image of his face is often present in his work. His self-depictions channel the simulacra of a saccharine TV announcer. The face becomes a target at which to aim scorn. If it is self-flagellation, it also serves as a signifier of Johnson’s tortured layered identities. However, at the same time, it is symbolic of his personal thick-skinned resilience, survival and scorn: the distorted idiotic face taunts, as if the artist is mocking his personal anxieties stirred up by concerns over the authenticity of his own warped identity.


Catalog of an exhibition held at the Oakland University Art Gallery, October 18-November 23, 2008. Contains essay by Dick Goody and interview with the artist.


Oakland University Art Gallery, Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences, Exhibition catalogs, Kresge Foundation, Michigan Council for the Arts and Cultural Affairs, National Endowment for the Arts, Johnson, Chido