The Oakland Post 2001-09-19

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


News on the EDGE ; IN THIS ISSUE ; Parking issue continues ; Crowded halls create need for waiting list ; Showers in dorm causes problems; ER trip ; Seven days of 'Attack on America' ; NEWS COLUMN Long week over; still more ahead ; Mental health lowered after stressful attack ; Grassroots orgs spring up to help fund rescue efforts: Students Lynn Bieszki; Brian Tomina head Red Cross money raising campaigns ; Bookstore improves sales; service ; Tigers' golden voice swings by campus ; Congress improves budget for Kresge Library upgrades ; Career prep week offers guidance for students; grads ; Crime WATCH ; NEWS COLUMN Students encounter obstacles at school: MARIANNE POULIN GUEST COLUMNIST ; Editorial Nation turns to flag for hope; courage ; Letters to the Editor Campus objects to attacks; racism ; Crashes trigger hatred; racism ; MSA sounds off against unfair treatment in U.S. ; Numerous lives lost last week ; AARC chair says committee hopes to finish by October ; Store misplaces order; class without books ; Correction ; Views on the STREET: What are your main concerns after last week's terrorist attacks? ; Student AFFAIRS Updating OU: Campus Rec News ; INSIDE B ; Life on the EDGE: ON CAMPUS ; SHOWS ; ODD INFO ; Graham Counseling Center offers variety of services ; 'Hardball' plot falls short of home run; Reeves strikes out ; HEY JUDE: Singer-songwriter Jude Christodal releases new smooth album; plays Clutch Cargo's ; Songs; action served up at Meadow Brook: 'Pump Boys and Dinettes' opens 36th season ; LISTEN UP: CDS FOR SALE ; LIFE COLUMN Too much to ignore ; What's in Your CD Player? ; YOU CAN 'QUOTE' ME ON THAT ; SPORTS on the EDGE SCORE ; OU women play hard; down Purdue ; Sports try to move on as nation mourns ; Caribbean swimmer heats Up OU ; 'Hedwig and the Angry Inch' compares to infamous 'Rocky Horror' ; Latino Culture ; Grab Your Popcorn ; FOR YOUR ENTERTAINMENT



Parking, Dormitories, Residence halls, 9/11, Oakland University. Bookstore, Harwell, Ernie, Kresge Library, Budgets, Graham Counseling Center