The Oakland Post 1994-03-23

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


THE '94 VOTE Simon says: 'I'm Congress President' ; Michael Simon victorious in 1994 Congress election race. Voter turnout of 664 nearly triples last year's voter turnout ; Summer Dreamin ; Lawsuit pending ; Police interview key figures in fire investigation ; Sign of the times: Sign language speaks loudly for lecturer ; Internships come to those who persevere ; CRIME WATCH ; Police officials search for clues to fire's cause Student Congress cuts Talley; diversity ; Opinion ; OUR VIEW Workers deserve praise; students deserve better ; Another View '94 Elections flawed by poor proeparation; lack of information ; Guest Columnist ; Letters to the Editor: OU's parking problem a farce under close scrutiny ; Survey says: "How were you affected by the fire last week in Dodge Hall of Engineering?" ; Time of need tests Oakland's resourcefulness ; Gays' - lesbians' perverted acts do not deserve OU's support ; Letters to the Editor: Packard should pay own way ; Art professor paints life of expression ; Association gives help in human resouce development ; Religious thought police force society to final frontier ; 'Mr. Lincoln' in presidential form ; Eisenhower Dance Ensemble takes 'Rites' to Music Hall ; Emotions run high on College Day for middle-school students; mentors ; SURE THINGS ; Sports: Seed kills A young Pioneer nine is off and running toward GLIAC title ; OU intramurals: Final Men's Basketball Standings ; Volleyball Standings ; Spring tuneup for netters can make for a smoother running engine in the fall



Oakland University. Student Congress, Elections, American Sign Language, Dodge Hall fire, Student internships, Packard, Sandra, Molinaro, Monica, Oakland University. Student Organizations