The Oakland Post 1996-01-17

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Inside job suspected in OC break-in ; Mirroring Martin Luther King Jr.'s March ; Marriott brings Pizza Hut to OU: With food service contracts around the corner; Marriott exemplifies early just what students can expect by May ; Liaisons set precedent; pave road for successors ; CAMPUS Congress: SWE must wait for funds ; Unpaid parking tickets prompts Amnesty Program ; FREE ADVERTISING: The Student Program Board gets a little publicity via a parked car in the North Central lot ; Student harasses ex-boyfriend ; Athletics budgets public under new federal rules: College Press Service ; Someone is finally "Making it Great" ; First vending machines; what's next? ; OPINION ; Students frustrated with lack of course offerings ; COURSE COMPLAINTS ; Closed class concerns students ; Beware of credit cards ; Don't you miss them now that it's cold? ; Features Other cultures explain ourselves ; African Americans Celebrate ; United through Diversity ; Members of OU community join to celebrate great leader ; OU community joins to help one of their own ; Give the Gift of Life ; OU EVENTS ; CIPO This Week! ; MUSIC ; THEATRE ; ART ; FILM ; Sports Rec Center planning right on pace; blueprint design phase underway ; Basketball fans treated to more than the game ; Women stumble; GVSU drops OU ; Pioneer of the Week ; The Pioneer sports week ; Sports errors for last week ; Men streak to first place tie in the GLIAC ; Eastern Eagles sink Pioneers; OU beats Denison last week



Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance, Women, Engineering, Parking, Oakland Athletic Center