The Oakland Post 1999-11-17

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dc.description.abstractDouble doses handled properly ; First men's basketball game will air on Internet ; CT's prepare to strike ; Projects earn final grades ; student Affairs: UPDATING OU ; CRIME watch ; Congress pushes for online evaluations: OU to follow other universities with student course grading ; Nursing school grabs award: Program among five honored for its 'excellence in training' ; Student hit by car near SFH lot Wed.; requires surgery ; President offers food to bring in the crowds ; LETTERS TO THE editor Student offers suggestions to boost school spirit; morale ; Reader responds to egg issue ; EDITOR'S view Y2K! Are you scared? ; local Edge: Festivals & Shows ; LECTURES & WORKSHOPS ; SPECIAL INTEREST ; New museum drives Chrysler into millennium: Visit the past; experience the present and see the future all under one roof ; Knowledge and experience equal success ; Four Day FORECAST ; MOTLEY FOOLU: Borrowing From a 401 (k) ; life Edge ON CAMPUS ; SHOWS ; COMING SOON ; END OF DAYS: Collaborative efforts fuel millenium-style movie about the death of civilization ; Give peace a chance ; Party 'till the end of the world ; click here FoR LoVe: Students befriend via internet ; Internet love should be structured; thought about before considered ; The Center for Student Activities ; "What's Happening" This Week! ; sports Edge: SCOREBOARD VOLLEYBALL ; UPCOMING GAMES VOLLEYBALL ; The absence of malice in my writing ; Heating up the court: The Women's Basketball team has its work cut out for them with many changes ; Kampe looks forward to a season of intense games and intense rivalry ; 1999-2000 Men's Basketball Roster ; 1999-2000 Women's Basketball Roster ; OUT of bounds: OU's own sports talk show takes on the airwaves every Monday and Friday from noon til 1 p.m. ; Student-athletes unite: A new student organization is formed to combine regulations and respect at OU; athletes take charge in accomplishing goals ; Piles of Snow ; OU drowns Buffalo: Going in with a 32 point disadvantage; the Men's Swim team manages to surpass the competition ; Players of the Week: KARIN REED ; BiZarRO ; LEX ; THE UNIVERSAL CROSSWORD ; TOM the DANCING BUG GEORGE W. BUSH FIELD OF DREAMSen_US
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dc.titleThe Oakland Post 1999-11-17


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