Exploration of the Economic Repercussions of Climate Change

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Global climate change has been largely amplified by human influences and can now be linked to more than just the changing weather conditions and worsening natural disasters. Research gathered and analyzed over the past several decades is now able to connect shifts in climate to changes in global economies through various economic factors. This paper will look at recent studies and model data spanning those economic factors to determine if there is a visible link showing responses of global economies to climate change. Through this data analysis there is evidence to support the claim that the climate change effects span farther than increased severity of weather conditions and often dip into varying sectors of economies. This information will help policy makers determine the best course of action in fighting the effects of climate change. In addition, it will also allow policy makers to curate proper prevention methods to suppress further damage from occurring. Helping the countries most affected by climate change will benefit all economies by protecting trade and supply chains on a global scale.



Economics Climate Change