The Oakland Post 2006-03-15

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When election time rolls around - Candidates prepare to vie for office ; PUBLIC HEALTH Bird flu could appear in months; official says ; Caffeine brews disputes: Coffee might spell heart trouble for slow caffeine metabolizers ; Beverage report funded by tea company stirs trouble for scientists ; Coffee consumption ; ENVIRONMENTAL ISSUES Carbon dioxide rises to record level in atmosphere ; Election process called into question by invalidated candidates ; Speaker addresses religion; science ; Lives and legacies honored at banquet ; A humdinger of a car ; KEY ISSUES OU women gather for celebration ; OUSC to vote on fee increase ; POLICE FILES ; Educators; students weigh benefits of AP program: High school courses earn college credit ; IN BRIEF NATION ; WORLD ; STAFF COLUMN Minimum wage changes could affect you and many others ; LETTERS TO THE EDITOR 'Only kindness; respect and acceptance can end racism' ; 'McGuinness-Miller ticket is what the university needs' ; We need to overcome 'unethical dealings' ; On election day; 'Make it M&M!!' ; 'McGuinness-Miller ticket will be the ; Trying to put emergencies on ICE: Safety program aims to speed up responses ; Some tips for ICE ; Now Playing ; Three things you can do this St. Patrick's Day: 1 Learn the history ; EDUCATION NEWS Students learn Chinese at early age: 'The younger the child; the more open they are to learning.' ; BOOK REVIEW 'Boardrooms' could be student's track to success after college ; WOMEN'S HISTORY MONTH Chile's first woman president sworn in ; Pesticides found throughout many of the nation's streams ; Polluted water ; Contaminated streams and ground ; IT'S A 'HOLI' DAY ; OUR WOMEN ; Tournament worth weight in gold and black: OU looks to shine as host institution for men's NCAA tournament at Palace of Aubum Hills ; Grizzlies face tall task: Seniors end career in style; tournament is icing on the cake ; OU women draw top-seeded Ohio State in first round of NCAA tournament ; Grizzlies Sports Roundup Sullivan earns spot in NCAA Division Swimming Championships ; Baseball gets first win of season over Dayton in doubleheader ; Tennis goes 1-1 in Las Vegas with win over Southern Utah ; Golden Grizzlies tennis held scoreless by San Jose State ; OU club hockey takes ACHA title for second time in three years ; ARE DANCIN'



Oakland University. Student Congress, Elections, Martin Luther King Jr. Day observance, Women