The Oakland Post 1997-10-08



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


OU team makes a breakthrough ; Cardiology to experience a revolution ; Start your engine it's derby time: First place finishers; Theta Tau; raced their way down the Soapbox Derby track last Thursday during the third annual WOCOU festivities. ; CSC reports at three-year high on OU campus ; Renovations to increase traffic to student center ; Campus News Fast Facts ; Crime WATCH: Harassing Calls ; OU economist explores health care in California ; Students enjoy sunny weather while it lasts ; False alarms disrupt Vandenberg Hall ; Students propose tax cut on textbooks ; Campus changes bring high spirits; excitement ; Editorial cartoon stereotypes campus sororities; fraternities ; Depression Screening on Thursday ; Letters to the Editor: Inherent Versus Moral Rights ; Jill's Story: Ending the abuse before it is too late ; Services assist the abused ;OU joins Haven in the fight ; Remember the positives while fighting the negatives ; OU EVENTS ; MUSIC ; THEATRE ; FILM ; OTHER ; Heffron brings the laughs to WOCOU ; OU celebrates Hispanic culture ; Three days of celebration ; The Reel Deal "The Peacemaker" delivers plenty of plot; action ; Sports Pioneers take out the trash: Division I opponents no problem for OU Volleyball ; Preparing for the future ; Fans need to give athletics equal recognition ; Pioneer of The Week ; Profiling the Black; Gold and White ; Kristi Mathews Tennis ; Matt Joseph Golf ; Women's soccer searches for competition ; EVENTS ; Grab a byte: Computer Centers' Hours ; FUN IN THE SUN: In the tent; on the grass; in the OC - WOCOU had a little bit for everyone last weekend



Oakland University. College of Arts and Sciences. Department of Chemistry, Research, Oakland Center, Renovations, Vandenberg Hall, Violence, Weekend of Champions, Diversity, Hispanic culture