The Oakland Post 2010-02-17

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Shore Support: Students Rebuild Galveston for Alternative Spring Break ; CAMPUS ; SCENE ; SPORTS ; SHORE SUPPORT STUDENT REBUILD GALVESTON FOR ALTERNATIVE SPRING BREAK ; THIS ISSUE ; STAFF EDITORIAL Run for the money: Student congress members have power of the purse ; Organ donation affects more than just the ill ; Graduation checklist: Incomplete ; A look at the first ladies of OUSC ; Mr. Phisignificant crowned ; CAMPUS BRIEFS: Drake tickets on sale for Oakland University students ; Profs bring up concerns ; SPOTLIGHT ON STUDENT ORGS ; $537,000 at play in meetings ; Club sports asks for direct funding from tuition ; Russi to attend next OUSC meeting ; OU gives back to Galveston ; Spring Break Awareness Fair ; Dirty nights in Detroit: International erotic art exhibition comes again ; John Mayer pardoned at The Palace Friday ; Still looking for somewhere to go? ; Spring break destinations: Where are YOU going? ; Oakland of opportunity ; Transfer Reggie Hamilton hopes to reach his full potential at OU ; Grizzlies victorious on Senior Night ; SCORES FROM THE ROAD: Men's basketball; THE SPORTING BLITZ: Women's lacrosse ; Gov. delivers budget proposal ; Local briefs: radiothon; upcoming meetings: Purtan hosts annual WOMC Radiothon ; Buffalo Wild Wings sponsors charity night ; MLB's Bowman says he won't run for Mich governor ; Upcoming city council meetings ; Taliban No. 2 captured ; NIW BRIEFS Source: Associated Press ; Sex - sex - and even more sex: An editor is more than willing to penetrate the dark world of erotic art



Alternative spring break, Oakland University. Student Congress, Women, Russi, Gary, Oakland University. Student Organizations. Club Sports, Budgets, Art