The Oakland Post 1992-02-19

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Interview schedule ; AA Meetings ; Sidelights ; Second Saturday Seminars ; Volunteer Programs ; Brown Bag Series ; Black Awarness Month ; Candidate Meyers eager to accept OU challenge ; Station WOUX close to FM birth ; Congress lifts budget freeze ; Presidential finalist impresses small crowd at faculty forum ; Board approves Olympia contract ; OU swim club looks to bridge troubled waters ; Ever Get Somebody Totally Wasted? ; CRIME WATCH ; OUR VIEW Traditions need not die at festival ; Tyson stars in the case of the disappearing victim: NATIONAL VIEW ; Communities targeted for hazardous waste ; Ride pool plan worsens parking space situation ; Beware of speed traps ; Student shoots for spirituality ; Columbus lecture series challenges American thought ; Wayne's World parties on; Way! ; Take it from a condom ; Don't want to be like Mike ; Women regain first place: Pioneers thrash Hillsdale by 35; Northern Michigan beats Michigan Tech to create tie at the top of GLIAC ; Men dropped by Hillsdale ; Hall honors seven for contributions: Four athletes enshrined and three volunteers given awards



Oakland University. Student Organizations. WXOU, Presidential searches, Hollie L. Lepley Hall of Honor