The Oakland Post 1995-02-01

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Blue light phones repaired ; THE PROPOSED SEARCH COMMITTEE ; The Players ; Community demands voice: Call for openness; representation as search committee takes form ; AT ISSUE ; Cable hook-up set for fall: Dorm students await contract ; OAKLANDS DILEMMA: Vice President foresees no increase from Lansing; will students foot the bill? ; Briefly Important Dates ; Board Meeting ; GALA Forum ; Internet Seminar ; OU AmeriCorps has shaky future ; Bond underwriters added to rec center list of costs ; Students adjust to life with loan payments ; Campus News ; CRIME WATCH ; Cross Campus: OU hosts Fifth volunteer fair ; Simon to lobby board for answers ; A Night to Remember ; EDITOR'S VIEW Committee inching past line drawn by Open Meetings Act ; Opinion ; Cleaves' letter invents racism when none actually exists: Racism Commentary ; Deer overpopulation deserves close study: Environmental concern ; The Post's use of Jesus in quote 'offensive' ; Kresge Library associate dean explains new food policy: Library Food Policy ; Features OU celebrates Black History Month ; Hey Jerky!: Ameritech's worst nightmares come clean; revealing what makes them the Princes of Profanity ; Outgrowing that Freshman fervor ; Showing the world college students care ; Did You Know? ; Real-life rescue 911: Junior Linda Kraft spends two nights a week at a 911 switchboard helping save lives ; Where charisma and creativity cross ; Meet OU's latest theatrical debut ; OU EVENTS ; CONCERTS ; ART ; THEATER ; FILMS ; OTHER ; CIPO This Week! ; Sports Pioneer of the Week ; Pioneer Dirt Box ; This Week in Pioneer Sports ; Pioneers share GLIAC lead ; Taylor: 'I'm relieved': Cagers finally win at home 87-71 over Hillsdale as frosh Pewinski scores 24 ; Tankers edge Eagles on last relay heroics ; Stair steps to team concept ; OU intramurals



State funding, Cable television, Oakland University. Student Congress, African American Celebration Month