The Oakland Post 2018-06-27



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Ink: Stroke of Genius: English professor Kathleen Pfeiffer wins prestigious award for her new memoir in Chapbook Contest ; Arson. Police investigate fires set in multiple campus bathrooms ; Antiques Roadshow. The TV show rolls up to Meadow Brook; appraises for locals ; Nunn signed. OU basketball star signed to Golden State Warriors ; Looking back: The 1991 OUSC election scandal ; A string of arson attacks ignites OUPD investigation ; Get a law degree with 3+3 ; ISE earns scholarship ; Explore the CMI as it celebrates 25 years ; Alum brings solar energy to Africa ; Campus Briefs: OU welcomes pediatrician who exposed Flint Water Crisis ; Dance department takes on Berlin ; BOT approves new Ph.D in nursing ; English professor wins the Chapbook Contest: Her awarded memoir; "Ink"; tells the story of family trauma which took place in the earlier years of her life ; 'Antiques Roadshow' draws a massive crowd to Meadow Brook ; "Jurassic World" is a periodically pleasurable; dino-sized disarray ; "Incredibles 2' is an "up-to-Parr" sequel to a Pixar classic ; Higher hopes for Panic! At the Disco's new album ; Kanye West releases his intimate new album "Ye" ; Line 5 and big oil's grasp on the Great Lakes: History repeated itself when Line 5 created an oil spill in Kalamazoo ; An immigration imbroglio at the United States border ; Kendrick Nunn signs to Golden State Warriors ; Students travels abroad to play ball in Germany ; Out of state athletes stay as Michigan-made couple ; Oakland Athletics wins fourth straight McCafferty trophy ; The nation's new epidemic: Summer Vacation



Pfeiffer, Kathleen, 1964-, Fires, South Foundation Hall, Scholarships, Oakland University. Center for Multicultural Initiatives, Meadow Brook Hall, Athletics, Awards