The Oakland Post 1997-10-29

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


Four athletes face misdemeanor charge: Fallout from party continues ; FALL FESTIVITIES Pumpkins; doughnuts; cider; Halloween ; New degree offered in nursing ; Suspension; investigations follow at OU ; Campus News Fast Facts ; CRIME WATCH: Visitor Arrested ; Russi reveals campus future ; Nursing student gives day tour ; CARE hosts party for children ; EDITOR'S VIEW Pressure is on in high-stakes adult game ; Opinion ; Letters to the Editor Correcting the argument devised for affirmative action ; Domestic Violence Reported Every 15 Seconds ; FEATURES A Matter of Life and Death: A Breast Cancer Month Special ; Two OU women share their struggle with a killer ; What you should know about breast cancer ; Hate is growing; let's do something about it ; Students begin making plans for Halloween: From candy collecting to partying; people are ready to celebrate ; OU EVENTS: MUSIC ; THEATRE ; FILM ; OTHER ; THE REEL DEAL 'Boogie Nights' is right-on; dynamite ; All youth orchestra visits OU ; Three take on one ; Dramatic play tells the story of lady's dreary life ; Student Affairs EVENTS UPDATING OU ; Athletic contract outlines proper university conduct ; OU swimmers throw away respectable tradition ; Sports Oil's reputation in jeopardy ; University officials probing into violations of alcohol; contract policy ; Pioneer Inside Track ; Women's Soccer ; SPORTS CALENDAR ; Sports Writers ; Profiling the Black; Gold and White: Dan Naylis Swimming ; Courtney Ruffing Basketball ; Hillsdale has Pioneers number in '97 ; NCAA Women's Volleyball ; Oakland v. Hillsdale



Student conduct, Athletics, New degree programs, Nursing, Breast cancer