The Oakland Post 2009-10-07

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


STATE OF CAMPUS CARRY ; THIS WEEK: Perspectives ; STAFF EDITORIAL Gun bill for campus carry waits quietly ; BLUNDERGRADS ; Don't cut the cord; students crave the connection ; Concealed guns could be allowed on campus ; Student of the Month ; Student named champion of the disabled ; State budget changes likely will not stifle OU funding ; Greeks grow as new organizations form ; GREEK WEEK 2009 EVENTS AND ACTIVITIES OCTOBER 12-16 ; Twitter Scavenger Hunt ; POLICE FILES ; State budget talks are ongoing ; OUPD works to stop deer-related accidents ; the best of fall flavors: your guide to Rochester area cider mills ; Grizzlies offer to serve: Nonprofit organizations see increase in student applicants ; What do you think about students being able to carry concealed weapons into dorms and classrooms? ; Campus gun bill's talking points ; Space-age Johnny in Detroit: Michigan rockers celebrate EP release ; Dueling sides see "Capitalism" ; High hopes for recruits: Three men's basketball freshmen discuss their recruitment ; GRIZZLIES OF THE WEEK: Mitch Hildebrandt ; Something to strive for again ; Win streak ends as Grizzlies fall ; Can Letterman turn embarrassment into TV triumph? ; N W BRIEFS ; Putting a new spin on media convergence: Dating ; Mouthing Off hopes that OP + WXOU = LOL ; EDITORS NOTE



Concealed weapons, State funding, Greek letter societies, Charity, Student activities, Dating, Oakland University. Student Organizations. WXOU