The Oakland Post 2009-06-10

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Oakland Sail, Inc.


STEP UP: STUDENTS SPEND THEIR SUMMERS GETTING THEIR FOOT IN THE DOOR ; THIS ISSUE ; STAFF EDITORIAL Get some action ; CORRECTIONS CORNER ; Assistant professor thanks peers ; Act like an atheist; get the boot ; DO YOU THINK BEING A VIRGIN IN COLLEGE IS TABOO? ; Considering commencement changes ; Eye institute hopes to expand research and building ; Admin: faculty liaison not needed ; Gender and Sexuality Center loses coordinator ; Engineering group competes on campus ; Workshop to relieve stress ; Campus Corps helps students ; New cinema studies major approved ; CAMPUS BRIEFS: Micah's case continues ; Obituary: Danny Jordan ; Free tuition discussion ; HC director's farewell ; POLICE FILES ; Students to share bikes ; Try it before you graduate: Students gain experience in their field through experience ; Programs that require an internship ; Programs that don't require an intership but recommend them ; Summer sound waves: Five up-and-coming bands that belong in your summer mixtape ; Isle goes hip-hop ; Recession rental 101: Army of Darkness ; What are you doing this summer to complement your major? ; An offseason to prepare: An interview with new men's soccer head coach Eric Pogue ; Campus golf course open to public ; THE SPORTING BLITZ ; Disc golf course coming to campus ; Jury is still out on Tigers' season ; Judge rules against preservation of old stadium ; Oakland University angle: What this means for students ; Who said print news is dead?: Publishing vets seek to start up another newspaper in Detroit ; GM to halt production at truck plant in Flint ; Students plump up their portfolios ; We put the "OU" in "IOU": Oakland's newest campaign shows people just how cheap we are ; Littlest known secret: campus housing ; Police: 2 teens killed to escape NY ; N W BRIEFS ; American journalists detained ; HIV rate among South African teens has dropped ; UN: Atrocities in Somalia force 100,000 to flee



LGBTQ, Employee Resource Groups, Commencement, Oakland University. Eye Research Institute, Oakland University. Board of Trustees, Oakland University. Gender and Sexuality Center, Oakland Robotics Association, Robotics, Cinema Studies BA, Bike share program, Internships, Katke-Cousins Golf Course, R & S Sharf Golf Course, American Association of University Professors