The Oakland Post 1988-02-15



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Oakland Sail, Inc.


WINTER ARRIVES ; Physical therapy may change structure ; Special programs director notes progress in academic support ; Elementary ed alters criteria for admission ; University extends contract with EDS ; Court appeal ; NEWS BRIEFS AFSCME workers receive raise ; Donations reach record amount ; Murphy to teach leadership class ; Race between parties begins ; BLOOM COUNTY ; Varner hall offers cultural variety ; Letters to the Editor False advertisement of Campus Crusade film disgusts viewer ; Press twists facts breaks public images ; Despite 2:1 female male ratio OU men still face problems ; Football players possess brains too ; What's Happening ; New tax laws affect scholarships; deductions ; Balancing love with friends can cause problems



Physical therapy program, Jumanne, Monifa, Academic support, Tax laws, Scholarships, Judaism, Friendship, Ecstasy, Hollie L. Lepley Hall of Honor, Hatt, Linda Hein, Boyd, Thomas, Stiff, Judith